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Good day to you!

What an astounding time we have experienced here at Turning Point 180! My name is Kimberly Sweeney and I am a single mom from High Point, NC. I first came in contact with the ministry back in November 2009. This was during a time when I was being defiant and disobedient to the will and the way of God.

In 2015, I used to see Dr. Williams on television when I was in the shelter with my 6 kids. I didn’t know that someday I would get to see him and his ministry in person. I came in contact with two ladies that were a part of the outreach team and on fire for God. They invited us out but I didn’t go at the time. However, I was very encouraged.

I went out on a limb and obtained a home for my oldest son in my name even though something on the inside told me not to. I should have stayed in the shelter .The home put my family and I in grave danger. Not to mention, I was working a job that was sending my health into a dwindling spiral and blood pressure to unrealistic levels. All of this was happening without God as my leading source. My life was a sliding hill! My children suffered due to my disobedience but still God was calling my name.

At this point my family became displaced again. I was connected with the mayor’s office who lead me straight to Turning Point 180. Living in local hotels, I was determined not to divide my family. Because of going through this process, my family has unbelievable faith!

Turning Point 180 has given us so much support! Helping me to get myself up out of something is worth more than someone simply giving us a place to stay. God’s word is never late! Through all of this He showed me on a pre-paid level that His word never fails! Never!!!

My family is blessed! My daughter prays more, we are in Bible study on the internet, and we have a pastor and now a church home! We moved into our home in Greensboro on Saturday 4/1/2017. We are now home! Thank you, Turning Point 180!

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