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During the year of 2014, it has been estimated that 897 individuals in the Guilford County area experienced homelessness on any given night. With the increase need for Supportive Services to households experiencing homelessness, or at imminent risk, MO>E Action Day was established. MO>E Action Day is a day dedicated to those in our local community that are in need of housing, employment, other local resources, and case management services.

Turning Point 180 is operated under the Leadership of Dr. Kevin A. Williams, Senior Pastor and Florence P. Williams, Co-Founder of New Jerusalem Cathedral and Monument Of Praise Inc. along with it’s members. In the beginning of this community outreach program, Turning Point 180 served 88 people in the fall of October 2010. Through the past years with consistency and growth we have served over 1500 people. Such tremendous growth has caused Turning Point 180 to become a 501 (c) 3 organization.

Our Mission

To resolve homelessness in Guilford county and greater North Carolina by housing first.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire change globally through programs that build sustainable communities where everyone has access to supportive services, affordable housing, and economic development.

Our Community Leadership

Turning Point 180 is governed by diverse members of our community who jointly oversee the activities of the organization. Our 2015 Board of Directors are Kevin A. Williams, Ph.D., Florence P. Williams, Marrissa R. Dick, Ph.D., Lisa D.Taylor, LCSW, Fabian L. Farrington and Maseta M.Dorley

Need Assistance?

It's possible that you're here because you're facing the threat of homelessness. You don't have to suffer in silence. Help is one call away.

Call (336) 272-1520